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11th Apr, 2023

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5th Apr, 2023

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13th Mar, 2023

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6th Mar, 2023

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27th Feb, 2023

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Autism Building The Puzzle
One Piece at a Time
Autism Building The Puzzle, One Piece at a Time covers all things autism. Join Alexandria and Shawn Guthreau as they explore the world of Autism, providing their story and experiences. They share the good, the bad and the ugly of their personal experience with their son Greyson. Follow them as they interview other parents of autistic children and get their point of view. As well as their interviews with industry experts. The show provides parents and caretakers with resources and knowledge to support them through their unique journey's.

About your hosts

Alexandria Guthreau

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Welcome to Autism, Building the Puzzle, One Piece At A Time! My name is Alexandria and I am one of your hosts. My son Greyson was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old, and our whole journey began there. It was definitely shocking to my husband and I, as we had no idea anything about Autism or even knew anyone with Autism. We started early intervention at 18 months and since then we have been non-stop with therapy, doctors, different kinds of treatments, and many many challenges along the way. A few months ago we launched Greyson & Company, where we make & sell wooden Montessori (Waldorf) style of toys. We also run an in-home speech company in New Jersey called The Speech Paradigm. We started The Speech Paradigm when we had trouble finding in-home speech for Greyson, and we knew if we had that much trouble they're were a lot of other parents out there also struggling to find services. Going through our experiences with a child on the Autism spectrum was a huge adjustment in the beginning, but now we couldn't picture our life any other way. Greyson has brought us so many different places we would have never been, and we are beyond grateful to having him for our son. We really hope you enjoy our show & thank you for taking the time to tune in!!

Shawn Guthreau

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Welcome to Autism, Building The Puzzle, One Piece At A Time! My name is Shawn Guthreau and I am one of the show’s creators and hosts, along with my wife Alexandria. Our entire world changed when our son Greyson was born. But then, shortly after he turned 1, our entire world changed again. Greyson had autism. Little did we know that it was the start of the most incredible journey we would ever have. We have learned so much about Autism. the learning did not stop with autism. We also learned so much about ourselves and our relationship. The experience has connected us to who we really are inside. We started this show with the idea that we would be able to share our experiences with other parents and bring on guests to provide valuable information and perspectives. We know how many challenges families face and we are here to do whatever we can to help. Outside of being a father, husband and podcast host; We run a a toy company called Greyson & Co, am in-home speech pathology business, a support group and a Vlog. On the personal side of my life I am an author of a children's book that should be in store's soon, called "Every Frog is Special." I am also an avid fisherman, golfer and aquarium junky. I would love to share our experience, knowledge and hope with you and help to have an impact on your life. Enjoy the show!